Chat with Charlie

If you are currently studying at the University of Essex or Writtle University College you can access the Chat with Charlie service for support. If you are feeling low, stressed or anxious we will listen and can help you find other sources of support. To access the service you will need to register with your University email and verify this email from your account, give us a few details about yourself and create a username. Once you have registered you will be able to talk to a member of our team.

One to one support sessions are up to 40 minutes long, you can talk about anything you like, our team will be able to support you and may suggest others sources of support. If no one is available you we will let you know when someone will be free. You are welcome to chat with us as many times as you need to.

The service is open between 6pm- 10pm every day, except Bank Holidays.

The service is confidential, with the exception of a couple of reasons, and is offered to you by Mid and North East Essex Mind in partnership with the Charlie Watkins Foundation. For more information on our confidentiality please read our terms and conditions page.

Our Story

Following the sad and untimely death of Charlie Watkins in March 2017 the family chose to raise money for Mid and North East Essex Mind in his memory. Charlie Watkins was only 22 when he took his life, sadly, Charlie never recovered from the tragic loss of his mother when he was only nine years old. Charlie is one of the many examples of young people who suffer from mental health issues today, and the Charlie Watkins Foundation, set-up in his memory, aims to raise funds for trustees of the foundation to better support students living with a mental health problem.

Since Charlie’s death the family have been working closely with the University of Essex and Mid and North East Essex Mind to create a service which supports students with their mental health and emotional wellbeing. Together they created Chat with Charlie which gives students complete anonymity by accessing a service online. We are open during the evening to bridge the gap between the other services available.

In October 2019 we were pleased to extend the service to students of Writtle Unitversity College. The hope is that Chat with Charlie will soon be available to Universities across the country.

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